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Site Update

I have just updated the site, and will be adding a couple more paintings very soon. Most everything should be in order, but let me know if you find anything amiss.

N.A.P. Article

Abraham Brewster included in the North East Edition of New American Paintings
For those of you who are having trouble finding a copy, I have posted a (rough) facsimile of the pages of New American Paintings that feature my work here.

Paintings in the Northeast Edition of "New American Paintings"

Update to the previous post:

Ruin, Interstate, and Say it Aint So are the paintings included in issue 74 of New American Paintings (the Northeast Edition).

"Two" at the Pouch Cove Foundation Fundraiser

My painting, Two, will be up at auction at the Pouch Cove Foundation benefit fundraiser in Toronto this week. Details about the event can be found on at under "Fundraiser 2008." You can bid by email.

If you have any doubts as to whether this singular residency program in Newfoundland deserves your support, simply look at the list of artists who have given to the auction at the site and see the breadth of artwork that has been donated. Each artist, I am sure would agree that it is an extraordinary place full of extraordinary people producing extraordinary work at the edge of our continent.

Abraham Brewster, Two, 2007. Oil on canvas. 18 x 14 inches.

My Work To Be Included in "New American Paintings"

My paintings are to be included in the most recent issue of New American Paintings this month (the North-East edition). I have yet to see which paintings, exactly, are to be included. You should be able to find it at most significant bookstores, and stores which sell high-end periodicals.

More information to come on this, soon, of course...

Two Significant New Paintings

Though I have yet to title both of these paintings, they are going to be making their way to the Recent Paintings page soon. These are large pictures: the top one is eight feet across, the bottom one, six feet.

Abraham Brewster, Swap, 2008. Oil on Canvas. 28 x 96 inches.

Abraham Brewster, Swap, 2008. Oil on Canvas. 28 x 96 inches.


Also recently added to the 2007 page:

Abraham Brewster, Tangent, Oil on Canvas

Abraham Brewster, Tangent, 2007. Oil on canvas, 14 x 18 inches.

Happy new year!
....And you might want to schedule a little trip to news stands in the beginning of February.

A New Painting

Recently added to the 2007 page:

Abraham Brewster, 2007, Skull. Oil on Canvas

Abraham Brewster, Skull, 2007. Oil on canvas, 14 x 18 inches.

More news soon...

...but I thought I would mention that a painting or two is on display at James Baird > Pouch Cove accompanying Dave Marshak's new works from his circumnavigation of Newfoundland.

Some big news is coming up soon... so check back soon.

Art Under The Bridge ...Thank you

I just want to post a quick thank you to the hundreds of people visited my studio over the weekend to look at my paintings. I was mobbed! It is a rare chance to be able to show one's work in such an intimate setting, and to hear and see reactions to it.

Art Under The Bridge: Open Studios -- September 28-30

The Art Under the Bridge Festival is September 28-30.

(This is a week or two earlier than in previous years!)

My Studio --and hundreds of others -- will be open on Saturday and Sunday; last year, the times were from noon-6 pm, but the D.A.C. has yet to post details on its site. I will update this page when it does.

Experimentation and Development

Occasionally, as those familiar with my work know, I go through significant periods of research and development of new ideas, both visual and theoretical, for my paintings. The last few months, perhaps beginning with this image, have been such a period. Of the dozen or so paintings I started, about 4 got to any sort of completion. Each one taught me something, clarified an conjecture, or showed me the error of my ways, and all gave me ideas about where to go with the next.

Span Featured in ForbesLife

Abraham Brewster, Span, 2004. Oil on canvas; 28 x 96 inches

Span is featured in a leading article in ForbesLife magazine, "In with the Art Crowd." Many thanks to Jonathan Neil and Franklin Boyd at Boyd Level for introducing me to the author, Mark Grischke:

April 26: Pouch Cove Foundation Fundraiser

A reminder: Apparition will be in the auction at the Pouch Cove Foundation Fundraiser in Toronto.

Abraham Brewster, Apparition, 2006, Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 inches

Wednesday, April 25th, 12-5 pm, Thursday, April 26th, 12-5 pm


A Recent Picture

I will put up a 2007 page when there are enough images to fill it. Below is an image of the most recent painting (click on it to enlarge the image).

 A Brewster Untitled (study of a head), 2007. Oil on canvas. 14 x 18 inches