Thank You.

everyone who visited the exhibit at KMG over the last six weeks and supported
the work, thank you. It was a great success, I have learned a lot from, and have
been deeply flattered by responses to the work. A special thanks to those who
left comments and addresses in the book. I will keep you informed about more
goings-on in the near future. (If you would like to be on the mailing list,
visit the contact
and drop me a note with your address, etc.) The remaining 2004
(and the 2005's that were in the show) are still available
through the gallery, of course. If you are curious about getting a booklet of
the works as well, you may still visit the booklet
. (By the way, if you look below, you will see that I have a
painting in KMG's Summer Group Show, as

Again, thank you.