Review at the Telegram...and Farewell to Newfoundland

Karla Hayward at the Telegram reviewed my show in St. John's: you can read the review "Stretching Boundaries" here.

"[Bodies that are] are most often faceless, headless and anonymous but, like most great art, they evoke deep feelings in the viewer. Complicated feelings, but deep ones." Say It Aint So was illustrated, and she also discussed I Have Looked, I Know, Apparition, and Cove.. I am very pleased with (and honored by) the review and reception up north.

An enormous thank you is due to James Baird and the Pouch Cove Foundation, the other artists who were with me (more on them anon), and to all who attended the opening and who continue to view the work: the exhibition remains open until the 25th.

A very, very, fond farewell to Newfoundland, a magical place. Once there, one only dreams of returning.

Abraham Brewster ............Pouch Cove